veterinary services Petersburg, FL
At Plummer Pet Hospital we are proud to offer a wide variety of veterinary services. We offer services for all levels of pet well being. Whether its routine wellness care for your healthy pet or more advanced diagnostics to determine what may be ailing your aging pet, we offer a comprehensive set of services for your pet!

Dentistry Petersburg, FL


Dental care is vital to the overall health of any pet. Dental disease can lead to health issues with the heart, liver, and kidneys and has the potential to seep into your pet’s bloodstream. In fact, 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats over three years of age suffer from some form of dental disease, making it the most common pet health issue among our pet population. We offer full-service dentistry including digital dental X-rays, cleaning, and extractions when necessary.  

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Surgery Petersburg, FL


We are proud to offer all forms of soft tissue surgery. The highest standard of sterilization, technique, and anesthetic monitoring is included with all of our procedures.  

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X-rays Petersburg, FL


Full digital radiology is a diagnostic tool that allows us to look inside the body in an entirely non-invasive way. X-rays allow us to create images of all the body's organs. Digital means that it can be rapidly obtained and re-taken when necessary to ensure the best image is captured, without having to develop film in between.  

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Ultrasound Petersburg, FL


Ultrasound uses sound waves to offer a non-invasive, painless, and radiation-free method of imaging your pets' internal organs. It allows us to see “inside” of all of the abdominal organs. It is often used in conjunction with an X-ray to determine the location and nature of any interior problems. We offer full diagnostic abdominal ultrasound on-site.  

Laser Therapy Petersburg, FL

Laser Therapy

All healing begins at a cellular level. Laser therapy uses near infrared light to provide increased blood flow and increased oxygen to cells, which results in cellular bio-stimulation. Laser treatments have been shown to increase activity and improve mobility. Laser therapy is non-invasive, soothing to the patient, and can provide solutions for: 

Onsite Diagnostics Petersburg, FL

Onsite Diagnostics

Our hospital is equipped with the newest in-house diagnostic capabilities, allowing us to quickly obtain results for your pet. In critically ill patients, time is of the essence and being able to rapidly identify bloodwork abnormalities allows us to provide the most appropriate treatment in the timeliest manner. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to, complete blood cell count (CBC), blood chemistry (liver, kidneys, etc.), pancreatic enzymes, tickborne diseases, urinalysis, blood pressure, and viral illnesses (FeLV, FIV, Parvo). 

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Spay And Neuter Petersburg, FL

Spay And Neuter

Spaying and neutering are important and necessary medical procedures that enhance the quality of your pets' life. Not only does spaying and neutering have positive effects on your pets' health, but it's also vital to controlling the homeless pet population. 

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Microchipping Petersburg, FL


Every year, thousands of pets go missing. Not knowing where your pet is or how to bring them back can be a helpless, hopeless feeling. It's a tragedy that happens all too often. Microchipping is a simple, safe, and permanent way to increase your pet's likelihood retrieval by 2.5x for dogs, and 21.4x for cats! 

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Vaccinations Petersburg, FL


Routine vaccinations are an extremely important part of maintaining a healthy pet. There are a variety of diseases which can affect our pets, many of which can be prevented by timely routine vaccination. Vaccination for rabies is required by law and a rabies tag can be provided after your visit. We offer a variety of vaccinations depending on your pets' risk and needs, please call or make an appointment to go over recommendations for your pet. 

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Titer Testing

Titer testing is an alternative to vaccination in pets with health concerns that may inhibit standard vaccines (like many auto-immune diseases). Titer testing is a way to measure the body’s current level of protection and determine if the pet is adequately protected against the many life-threatening illnesses we vaccinate for.

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Wellness Exams Petersburg, FL

Wellness Exams

At Plummer Pet Hospital, we believe that regular checkups and wellness exams are critical to your pets' well-being. These wellness exams give us a chance to evaluate the overall health of your pet while also giving us a baseline for their unique bodies and tendencies. Early detection of diseases during wellness exams allows us to significantly reduce the damage many diseases do to our pet’s health and significantly prolong their lives! 

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Nutritional Counseling Petersburg, FL

Nutritional Counseling

Obesity is a common problem among pets, as it can be easy to overfeed a cute dog or cat that knows how to beg. Being overweight can cause significant health problems with your pet. However, with proper diet and exercise, all pets should be able to meet their dietary needs and stay within a healthy weight range.

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Behavior Management Petersburg, FL

Behavior Management

Pets with behavioral problems can often pose a frustrating challenge for pet owners. There are many behavioral disorders that pets can develop including thunderstorm anxiety, excessive barking, obsessive licking, chewing, eating feces, separation anxiety, or even aggression. A consultation with our Doctor will allow them the opportunity to determine the underlying cause and recommend the appropriate treatment plan. To learn more about how behavioral consultations can help your pet, please contact us today.

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Parasite Prevention Petersburg, FL

Parasite Prevention

There are so many flea and tick products to choose from, it can be confusing, especially when your pet needs you to choose what will get rid of the problem quickly and permanently. 

We have a variety of flea and tick products to choose from and can help walk you through the decision of which product is best for your pet and family. Many monthly products are available that also prevent roundworms, whipworms, and especially heartworms. Set up an appointment today to ask our veterinarian what the best choice for your pet is. 

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